Leadership Dojo

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Unhappy with your career ? Feeling lonely, stuck, and somewhat out of control ? Struggling with difficult colleagues or bosses ? Unsure about your next career move ? Nearing retirement and exploring options for your next steps ? Do you dream of starting a business but keep postponing it ? These are common challenges that our group mentoring sessions can help you overcome.

Introducing Leadership Dojo, a transformative group mentoring experience designed to help you overcome the challenges of your professional journey.

Led by Atasha, our program offers a unique blend of unconventional thinking, problem-solving acumen, and unwavering commitment to stakeholder success. Atasha’s expertise has guided leaders from various industries across Asia, Europe, and Africa in achieving their goals.

Our Leadership Dojo aims to :

  1. Gain Clarity on Next Steps
  2. Cultivate your confidence and leadership capabilities
  3. Deliver meaningful results for those you serve
  4. Business Model and Digital Transformation discussion
  5. Foster networking and sharing among like-minded peers

Session Details :

  • Groups of 10 participants (Recommended group size)
  • We also encourage monthly one-to-one sessions for optimal results  

Embrace the opportunity to elevate your career with Leadership Dojo’s group mentoring program.

Our group mentoring capability has been trusted by leading organizations including :

Interested in joining our beginner course ?

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